Faithbox Impact Guides

In the Faithbox Impact Guide, you'll find details on the items in the box and how each will help to strengthen your faith and draw you closer to Jesus as well as the impact YOU are making by being a Faithbox Subscriber.

Featured Impact Guide: Community

This month’s box is a reminder of the impact we can make when we love other and learn about God’s purpose for community We were created to have a desire for connection, and God can help you find discover a support system you can rely on. We hope the items in this month’s box remind you that you are loved and welcomed in our Faithbox community! 

Previous Impact Guides

Health Impact Guide

This month, we’re pausing for a second to take a look at health through a Biblical lens. We all know it’s vital that we pay attention and care for our emotional, mental, and physical health, and it turns out that God’s Word has quite a bit to say about these different areas as well.

Courage Impact Guide

Throughout the month, we will be looking at instances in the Bible when people had courage, were called to be courageous and were given the strength to stand firm with courage because of God’s power within them. We’ll be exploring the evidence of Jesus’ victory all throughout Scripture in an effort to see why He can be trusted and why we can take courage—just as He has called us to! 

Sacrifice Impact Guide

This month we begin a new theme on the topic of Sacrifice, which is fitting for this season as we prepare our hearts for Easter to honor and praise Jesus for His ultimate sacrifice.  As we work through this month together, be reminded that His sacrifice is a representation of His love for you—and He has great things in store for you! 

Purpose Impact Guide

As a child of God, you are deserving of every good thing that God blesses you with, and you were specifically created on purpose for a purpose. As we journey through this month, it is our hope that you feel more certain and hopeful than ever of God’s amazing plans for your life.

Journey Impact Guide

Let’s step forward on the journey! Let’s see what God has for us. Let’s explore what He’s laid out before us. And let’s discover who we are so we can do we’ve been called to do. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Wonder Impact Guide

Amid the busiest time of year, it’s our prayer that you find time to rest in the joyous moments and sit in awe and wonder of His goodness!

Family Impact Guide

“God has reminded us what a treasure our children are and the importance of making the most of the time we have with them.”

– Steven Curtis Chapman

Empowerment Impact Guide

When we remember just how empowered we are, we can be the difference, make a positive impact, help close the gap caused by injustices and ultimately, change our world!

Kindness Impact Guide

Once you’ve experienced God’s kindness at its fullest capacity, you’ll want to extend that grace and kindness out to everyone around you.

Pain Impact Guide

You are strong. You are brave. You are a child of the King. You were made for this—walk boldly in all you do!