“We don’t have to stay stuck in our pain.”

– Kayla Stoecklein

On August 25, 2018, Kayla Stoecklein lost her husband, Andrew—megachurch pastor of Inland Hills Church in Chino, California—to suicide. In the wake of the tragedy, she embarked on a brave journey to better understand his harrowing battle with mental illness and, ultimately, to overcome the stigma of suicide. 

In her book, Fear Gone Wild Kayla shares personal stories of her family’s life that led to that heartbreaking day—from her husband’s panic attacks and struggles with anxiety and depression. Despite their strong faith in God and the countless prayers of many believers, Andrew was never healed of his illness. Turning to Scripture for answers, she discovered that God uses wilderness experiences to prepare His children—including Jesus—for His greater purpose and to see the light in the darkness. 

Kayla Stoecklein is a best-selling author, speaker, mental health advocate and mother to three beautiful boys. Today, she shares her story with the hope that anyone walking through the wilderness of mental illness will be better equipped for the journey and will learn to put their hope in Jesus through it all.