One of the best parts of a monthly Faithbox subscription is knowing that it makes an impact all over the globe! From the beginning, Faithbox has had a mission of partnering with organizations, social enterprises, and companies that are committed to making a positive impact with their revenue.

So when we were introduced to this organization and the incredibly meaningful work they do in the Fall of 2021, we knew we HAD to find a way to work with them and support their mission…

“Esperanza” is the Spanish word for hope. And EsperanzArt is a jewelry company providing hope to numerous women in Ecuador!

EsperanzArt offers job training, community, and a steady income to women who are in the brave process of healing from the trauma of sex trafficking or sexual abuse. Because EsperanzArt is one of four branches of End Slavery Ministries Ecuador, the women who participate in EsperanzArt are also receiving love and services in one of our other three branches: the holistic residential home for the women and their children, the non-residential program for women getting back on their feet and gaining independence, or the street outreach ministry to women still in prostitution.

In 2022, we worked with EsperanzArt to produce 7,000 Coco Bracelets to go in our Self-Worth Faithbox. The bracelet was an instant hit with our subscribers, but beyond the piece of jewelry, it made a lasting impact on the lives of Ecuadorian women and their families. Here’s what EsperanzArt had to say about the impact this partnership had:

“Faithbox’s order was such a blessing because not only did it impact our current Esperanzart women survivors, but it also allowed us to re-connect and extend the offer of dignifying work to women working in prostitution through our Amadas’ Street Outreach Ministry. It has been EsperanzArt’s long-term vision to include our Amadas women in the EsperanzArt work, which previously only had the capacity to employ women who currently or previously lived in our safe home. The Amadas women were so happy to make EsperanzArt jewelry and through Faithbox’s order, we are hopeful to continue to employ them in the future.”

14 vulnerable or sex-trafficked women and 4 at-risk young men were employed from Faithbox’s order!

“We usually employ 6 women in our workshop that are part of our residential (Casa Adalia) and non-residential (Caminos de Libertad) ministries. Because of this partnership, we were able to hire 4 more women coming from our Amadas ministry in addition to welcoming back 4 women who had either graduated from or previously been a part of our ministries. All of these young ladies were especially grateful for the work now because of the added economic strain COVID has had, leaving most of them without jobs. On top of all of this, it was possible to cooperate with one of our partner ministries, Casa Gabriel, a home for young men battling poverty. We invited 4 of the men to join in this work and they were glad to help us and did such a great job!”

“For some of the women, this work covered two months of rent payment. One of them was able to pay off all her debts, which made her happy that she could start fresh for the new year. Another was a single mother who was 4 months without a job due to COVID and was running out of her savings. She was so thankful and said, ‘I know this was God, He knew when I was needing it the most and He was at work when you called to offer me this opportunity.’”

Overall, 70% of the gross revenues from this order went back to the beneficiaries, which is astounding!

All of this is made possible through your monthly subscription. When you’re a Faithbox Member, you don’t just get fun and unique products, but you get the satisfaction of knowing that people’s lives are being impacted and transformed, and that’s what it’s all about!