One of our (Faithbox) passions from the very beginning has been finding unique products and goods from independent retailers and business owners to feature in our monthly Faithboxes. That’s why we felt so fortunate to come across Flatbush Granola Company, and we were so excited to share their incredible (and delicious!) granola in our February 2021 Faithbox!

Owner and Founder, Tracey Solomon, was never a “granola person” growing up. But her homemade granola-making was kickstarted in the early 2000s. Friends, family, and colleagues have long been the recipients of her granola, so it became a natural next step for Tracey to share her personal granola blends with the rest of the world through Flatbush Granola Company! Based in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, each batch of granola is made from the heart and packs big and bold flavors!

Not only does their granola taste good, but when you continue to buy from Flatbush Granola it also does good!

As a black- and female-owned business, Tracey Solomon cares deeply about investing in, and partnering with, her local community surrounding Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Despite being such a young company, Tracey’s involvement in the local community has already led to Flatbush Granola Company being included in several prominent places such as the Prospect Park VIP Swag Bag, Modern Retail, and Great Big Story’s round-up of black-owned businesses to support.

In addition to everything mentioned above, Flatbush Granola Company is offering Faithbox Members an additional 20% off future granola purchases at! Simply use the discount code FAITHBOX21 (valid through February 1st, 2022) at checkout to save on your next order. It’s just one more way for Tracey to spread love to the Faithbox Community, the Brooklyn way!

And, of course, you can keep up with all that’s happening at Flatbush Granola Company on Instagram and Facebook.

P.S. If you received a February 2021 Faithbox and loved your granola, show Flatbush Granola Company some love by letting them know in the comments!