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December 2015 Faithbox


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This is our Christmas box from 2015 - there are still a few left.

Our December 2015 Faithbox has been curated around the theme of giving and includes:

  • Mitscoots socks - For each pair purchased, Mitscoots gives away a pair of socks to those in need and employs those in need.
  • An Anchored in Hope handmade ornament - these ornaments provide jobs to men and women in Haiti and turn wasteful oil drums into art.
  • Project 7 mints - each purchase gives back to seven areas of need by partnering with non-profits.
  • Everyday Faith, Christmas edition - our beautiful Christian devotional with short form content to keep your faith at the center of your life every day.

In addition to the impact that the products inside each box make, for each box shipped, we donate 3 meals to feed hungry kids via our partnership with

This Faithbox will ship daily up until Christmas, but please allow 3-4 days for delivery time if you're ordering as a Christmas gift.

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Customer Reviews

Michelle A. - 12/25/2015

Not complete

I love the whole idea of faithboxes. I tell everyone I meet about it, the November box I received was wonderful. It had a verse on the side of the box with all the items inside. The December box though, I was missing items and it arrived a few days later than the devotional started. Box was banged up too. Other than that though, I love them!

Lori B. - 01/08/2016

Great Gift!

My mother in-law loved the gift. I was a little bummed to see the devotional started Dec. 1, but it is still meaningful if you ignore the dates. Also included at the end of the devotional was a description of each product (we didn't see this until a few days later after I had explained each product). I noticed Faithbox is going to include a separate product guide in each box in 2016. It appears the company listens to customer feedback and is dedicated to being a great company!

Elissa M. - 12/24/2015

Perfect Gift

I bought this as a gift for my mom. She's super hard to shop for, but loves good causes. This was the perfect gift for her! I agree that it isn't perfect for the devo to start on December 1st when it's presented as a Christmas gift, but I think its principles will apply regardless. I saw beforehand from reviews that the box didn't come with the product descriptions that are posted on the website, so I printed up certificates of what each gift was about and its impact, which was a quick and easy solution to her being able to see the impact this box had!

Leah S. - 01/06/2016

GREAT idea for a creative gift that keeps on giving!

My friend received this box and said it was beautiful and thoughtful! (We had a little mix up on who it was from though ) The only suggestion that I would have is add a place to enter a message of who it is from so it doesn't ruin the surprise before they recieve it. And also have explanation of what each item in the box means. I think it would really be rewarding and also encourage others to give these as gifts as well! Great mission and cause and will love to do this more often in the future if these changes were made. The staff was super helpful and friendly and responded approriately!

Lisa A. - 12/21/2015

No Title

I agree with Kara K. I bought 3 boxes to give as Christmas gifts because they were presented on the website as such. I was disappointed that the Everyday Faith devotional began December 1. I was also a little disappointed that there was no description of the impacts that each item makes. I think the Faith boxes are excellent gifts with just the minor changes that I mentioned above.

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