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This is the Faithbox our members received in September 2016. It was curated specifically around the theme of Hustle.

It includes:

  • DENIK Notebook - This beautiful notebook will inspire you to take notes, make lists, and get things done! This notebook was designed by Tobias Saul, a young German designer, and proceeds support building schools overseas.
  • Just Love Coffee - Grab a mug and brew yourself a pot of this delicious, ethically-sourced coffee. Also included on the coffee package is a free digital download of Tenth Avenue North’s new single “What You Want.” Enjoy!
  • "Get Stuff Done" Poster - This custom poster is designed to remind you to Get Stuff Done! Flip it over and find a place to write down your 30-day goals: things to achieve, people to connect with, or places you want to go.
  • Woodchuck USA Card Holder - This custom wood card holder is perfect for holding business cards or small reminders throughout the day. Use it to keep important info front of mind while supporting Woodchuck’s awesome mission to "BUY ONE. PLANT ONE." which plants a tree for every purchase.
  • SmartyPants Vitamins - These delicious premium vitamins are an all-in-one complete gummy combining nutrients that are toughest to get in the right amount from our diets. All SmartyPants are non-GMO, eco-friendly, and contain no synthetic colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.
  • Krochet Kids International - Enjoy shopping Krochet Kids International’s website with this $25 discount card. Your purchase will equip people living in poverty with skills, education, and resources to change their lives forever.
  • Everyday Faith, Hustle Edition - our beautiful Christian devotional with short form content to keep your faith at the center of your life every day based around the theme of hustle.

In addition to the impact that the products inside each box make, for each box shipped, we donate 3 meals to feed hungry kids via our partnership with

This is a single purchase box and will ship out within a day or two of your order.

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Tacie H. - 11/04/2016

Perfect Devotional for the Office

If nothing else came in the box, this devotional is perfect for the office. I'm one of those book people who is loath to destroy any written and bound word. I sliced and diced this devotional and hung parts in my office space (along with the Get Stuff Done poster) and put other bits standing up (leaning against the wall... oh! a straightened paperclip or 2 would solve my problem!) in the woodchuck so that I am reminded of the Hustle that we all need to do in God's name. I got to share the love with my office mate by sharing the coffee. This would be a good gift for an office friend or even just a friend who is in need of a little reminder that doing our best a work is a reflection of who we are and our love of Christ. Remember - we're all in this together. :)

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